Can You Use Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

The question of the day is, can you put essential oils in your humidifier? The short answer is, you can, but it’s risky. The longer answer is; it’s not recommended for many reasons. There are many ways to use essential oils in your home. The first way is a diffuser. A diffuser is similar to a humidifier in that they both spray liquid into the air.

The difference is that a humidifier uses heat. A diffuser will use ultrasound (or a nebulizer) turning your essential oil into a mist. The lack of heat in diffusers versus humidifiers is important. You may be able to get away with using a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a humidifier for a while. However, reports of users breaking their humidifiers after using them with essential oils once or twice isn’t unusual. Many modern humidifiers are simply not made to use with any oil at all. It seems tempting, because the way they work are similar.

Both a diffusor and a humidifier you put liquid into and mist comes out. Although your humidifier may work with essential oils, heating the oil will cause it to smell differently than with a diffuser. The heat changes the scent of the oil. The heat can change some of the properties of the oil. When people first get into essential oils, they may already have a humidifier, so it is only natural to want to use an essential oil with it. Fortunately, most diffusers are cheap.  They are one of the first things you will want to buy when you start to use essential oils.

We said there were two main types of diffusers, an ultrasound and nebulizing diffuser. It doesn’t matter which diffuser you buy. They both have similar effects. There are several features you want to look for when buying a diffuser. The first is how much oil is holds. Diffusers will hold varying amounts of oil, and you can’t always look at the size of the diffuser to figure out how much it holds. Some diffusers only need a few drops of essential oils. Others need a bit more. Make sure the diffuser you are using can diffuse the heavier essential oils. All essential oils are not the same. Some have different properties from one another. In general, most essential oils will work with most diffusers. You shouldn’t any issues. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes. There are diffusers that are big enough to cover an entire room with your favorite scent. There are diffusers small enough to plug into your computer so only you can smell it.

Using an essential oil in a diffuser is a safe, effective way to get into using essential oils. You do not have to worry about diluting your essential oils, and you won’t have to worry about the problems that come with swallowing or using essential oils on your body. If you are looking for a cheap, but effective alternative to air fresheners and candles, you will want to give essential oils a try. The first cost of a diffuser is high. However, you have greater variety with essential oils. The therapeutic benefits are greater as well. Essential oils have become popular in recent years partially because of this reason. People forbid candles in many places. They are a fire hazard when left unattended. People leave diffusers on all day without issue. The scent lasts longer than a candle or spraying a can of air freshener. Although diffusers aren’t as popular as some of these other methods, once you start  using one, you will quickly realize the benefits over other methods of air fresheners.

A side benefit is that once you start blending essential oils you can create new scents and sensations with the essential oils you already have. Every time you buy a new essential oils you will give yourself the opportunity to create unique blends for you to try.

Recommended Diffusers for Beginners

If you are looking for an essential oil diffuser (or realize now that you need to buy one), here are two good starter choices.

#1 (One): Greenair Spa Vapor Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy

This has four out of five stars on Amazon, and over 3000 reviews. It’s tried and tested.

We recommend people this diffuser all the time. It’s fancy, but it gets the job done. You should know is that it only lasts for around four hours before needing refilled. Some people say they use it longer, but we are conservative with our estimates. To use the unit, you fill it with water, your essential oils, and turn it on. The aroma will fill a large room, but you may want to use a fan to cover a bigger area.

#2 (Two): Car Scenter Electric Diffuser

Three and a half out of five stars. Nearly 1000 reviews. A great choice if you need something more compact.

This diffuser can be found at Bed and Body Works. We like this diffuser because it is a portable diffuser. People ask what they should do in their car since they think they have few options. This is not true. You can simply use a portable car diffuser similar to a normal diffuser. The one downside to this diffuser is you need to buy heating pads to use with it. You can use a single pad for some time. But, it needs to be replaced. There is no water or necessary to use the diffuser. You put a few drops of your essential oil on the pad and that’s it.

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