See How Easily You Can Use Essential Oils For Bug Bites


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If you have a bug bite, there are dozens of essential oils and essential oil blends that you will want to try out. Because of the injury, you will mostly want to be applying these remedies on the bug bite or around the effected area. The trick is when using essential oils for bug bites is not so much the essential oil, but rather the nature of the bug bite. There are many different types of bugs and insects on the planet, and a good portion of those could bite you or irritate your skin. You can’t treat every bug bite the same. That’s how you run into problems. You also do not want to use an essential oil that would further irritate your skin or cause sensitivity issues as well as having a bug bite.

That’s just asking for problems. Still, many people do this anyways. In general, using a vaporizer or swallowing essential oils for bug bites just won’t work, or won’t be effective. The essential oils themselves will still work fine. It’s just not the most efficient means of tacking the problem. The one case I would suggest using an essential oil in a vaporizer would be if a bug bite has given you a headache, or makes you feel tenser than you would normally be. The first decision should make when using essential oils for bug bites is figure out what bug bite or itch you have. There are certain types of bug bites you do not want to mess with. If your bug bite is leaving you with any puss, you do not want to want to put any essential oils on it. Similarly with certain kinds of spider bites.

Both black widow and brown recluse spider bites need to be treated with caution. These types of bites can be dangerous, and you will want to go directly to the hospital rather than try to ease the pain with an essential oil. Last, you will want to be careful around bee stings and fire ants if you are allergic to them. Many people do not know this, but bee stings kill many more people than both spider bites and snakebites in the United States each year. This is because people think they are safe from illness simply because they were stung by a bee or fire ants. Wasps and fire ants in particular can be really nasty because the same insect can sting you multiple times in a row, which leads to more poison than you would normally get. Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about using essential oils for bug bites in general.

If you have been using essential oils for a while, you know there is one essential oil that is considered to be the king in terms of its applicability. If you guessed that oil was lavender, then you would be right once again. Lavender essential oil is great for bug bites. Its mild profile and soothing abilities allow it to be placed right on the bug bite either undiluted or with a 50/50 split. Many people simply place two or three drops on the affected area. As an bonus, lavender is also an effective bug repellent.


All you need to do is place a few drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle with some water and you will be good to go. If you are going to be sitting in a small area outside, it may be worth taking a portable vaporizer along with you so you can repel insects away and keep the area you are sitting in. Another essential oil, which is also mild (but works great for bug bites) is tea tree oil.  You can use this essential oil the same way you would use lavender essential oil. Just place a few drops (think one to three maximum) on the affected area and you’re good to go. You will see lavender and tea tree oil floating around a lot, but there are many other essential oils that are good for bug bites such as peppermint or basil essential oil.

Keep in mind that if you are going to use an essential oil that is a little harsher such as peppermint or rosemary, you will want to dilute them 50/50 first. If for some reason you find yourself suffering from multiple bug bites at once, we also have a solution for you. Often times you will go out on a late spring day without any bug repellent on, and find the mosquito’s have also decided to come outside as well. You go home and find out that you’ve been eaten alive by the mosquito’s. Placing a drop or two of your essential oil of choice on each bite or sting won’t do you any good. There are simply too many bites to cover. What you will want to do instead is make a bath with either tea tree oil or lavender essential oil. There are a few other blends we would recommend too in the comments. Then, simply relax in the bath for 30 or 40 minutes. If you have any areas that got hit particularly hard, then you may want to place some essential oils directly on the area.

Dealing with bug bites using essential oils doesn’t have to be very complicated. There are many oils to choose from. As long as you remember to go slow, you will be fine.

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