How Essential Oils Can Relieve Your Constipation



If your bowels constipate you often and you are wondering whether you can use essential oils to help with your constipation, the answer is yes. There are a few ways so you can use essential oils to aid with your constipation issues. The best oil to try and use for constipation would most likely be peppermint oil. It smells and tastes great, and is relaxing which is why it’s often used for constipation issues. Scientists have researched peppermint for people who have IBS or digestive tract issues.

If you look online you will find many, many recipes for constipation, IBS, and general digestive issues that involve peppermint in some way, shape, or form. So, it follows that if peppermint is effective for constipation issues, than using the most pure form of peppermint, the peppermint essential oil, would be effective as well. The question with peppermint oil then becomes how do you want to use it? At Spirit Essential Oils we always recommend you start out vaporizing your essential oils. It’s the most safe and easy way to start with your essential oils.

Smelling your essential oils before you do anything else with them will also let you know if they are of bad or worse quality than you are used to. There is nothing worse than using a poor quality essential oil on your skin or swallowing it. With that said, when using peppermint oil for constipation, putting it in a vaporizer is not the most efficient use of your oil. If you just need something to help you relax and be at ease, that is your constipation is not strong, then this is the way to go.

Otherwise, you will want to look into both swallowing and applying your peppermint essential oil topically. As with most essential oils, you do not want to use them neat (without diluting them) if you can avoid it for your first time. You can become sick (especially with swallowing) or develop sensitive skin. With that said, using peppermint essential oil is safe if you know what you are doing, and remember to be cautious the first few times.


Using Peppermint Essential Oil for Constipation

Perhaps the easiest way to use peppermint essential oil for constipation is to start with swallowing the oil. This sounds gross, but it’s simple. All you need to do is add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your drink and you will be good to go. It’s worth noting that you should start out with just a few (think one to three) drops here and see how you feel. Where most people make a mistake with swallowing or applying essential oils with is starting too much.  In general, you can’t go wrong starting with just a little an essential oil.

The second method for using peppermint essential oil for constipation is to massage the oil into your skin (using a carrier oil of choice of course!). If you are using this method, then you will want to rub the essential oil on your abdomen. Often, when you are constipated, your stomach muscles are just tight and need to relax. By placing some peppermint oil (diluted with a carrier oil) on your abdomen, you can help your muscles relax. Some peoples bowels constipate them in a location where they can’t easily apply a peppermint essential oil to their stomach. This is why adding a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to your drink may be the way to go for you. It depends on what you are looking for when it comes to essential oils.

One more thing

If you will take a bath or shower soon, putting some peppermint essential oil in your bath is a great way to relax and relieve some constipation. It’s also just a great way to relax before bed. If you add peppermint essential oil to your bath, you do not need to dilute it since you will be using it in a large tub of water.

In conclusion

Many people already buy over the counter medicine for constipation and other illnesses that have peppermint essential oil already in the product. The ingredients in your products will surprise you. The next time you go to the store and look for a herbal medicine for constipation, there is a good chance it could have some peppermint essential oils in them. By buying the essential oils yourself, you have more freedom to mix and match your essential oils in a way that you see fit. The next time you are constipated, after you get some water and fiber, be sure to try out a peppermint essential oil mixture. You may find yourself surprised at how effective it is.

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